Business Orientation

Core Business Value

Our identity as a provider of financial services.

Operating Values

Define and guide how we work for you.

Operating Philosophy

Describes how we like to do things.

Core Business Value

Professionalism and Ethics are Paramount

Our core business value is an expression of our identity as a provider of financial planning services.

Operating Values

A fine point is the consistent feature in the symbols of our operating values:


(Tip of a spear)

Your goals become the focus of our work and what we are targeting.

Focus also means being diligent and thorough in all the work we do.



With many ways to do things, our work will clarify your options and show you the impacts of the trade-offs you’re facing.

A healthy financial life requires balance.

Our recommendations will balance what’s important to you.


(Compass needle)

Getting you there – we’ll help you stay on course and navigate the obstacles of life.

For some, how you get there is just as important.  Getting you there takes an understanding of your values and how you identify with the global community we live in.

Operating Philosophy


We have a preference for evidence-based analytical methodologies, planning strategies and implementation methods.


We have a responsibility to share information with you in a manner that you can understand well enough to make informed decisions. 

We have a preference for simpler methods, both in our own systems and for the implementation recommendations we will be providing to you.

Continuous Improvement

We believe the best results are achieved when goals are pursued as a continuously improving process – once a baseline is established, we find incremental improvements and ways to increase efficiency.