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Canada Pension Plan - Animated Video Series

Our videos simplify the complexity about the CPP by using analogies and creative visuals

Why $1,364.60 is not the maximum monthly Canada Pension Plan retirement pension in 2024

Attention to detail is needed for accurate CPP estimates

Why 1364 is not max monthly CPP for 2024

Webcast Appearance

Maximizing Your Future: Navigating the Canada Pension Plan Maze
Hosted by Andrea Thompson of Modern Cents

Podcast Appearance

The Canadian Money Roadmap Episode 104:
Maximizing Your Canada Pension Plan (CPP) Benefits with Jason Yee

Real-time Estimation Method for the
Year’s Maximum Pensionable Earnings (YMPE)

This Leading Indicator can Improve Payroll Budgeting
and Canada Pension Plan (CPP) Calculations

YMPE Calculation Reference Sheet

Reference to CPP legislation and sources of data in flowchart format

Real-time YMPE Estimation

Finepoint Solutions Inc. maintains

Improved Inflation Estimator can Help
Avoid the Regret of not Getting Enough out of the Canada Pension Plan (CPP)

Real-time Wage Inflation Estimation Improves Financial Planning Information
for Lifetime Loss Calculations

Improve Your Payroll Budgeting with
Real-time Estimation for the
Year’s Maximum Pensionable Earnings (YMPE)

Earlier and Accurate Estimates for Canada Pension Plan (CPP) Contributions